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Dr David W R Lunt

Dr David W R Lunt

Eager Services
66 Kinross Crescent
Contact Person: Dr David W R Lunt
Qualifications: MFFLM DipFLM MBBCh MScBiochem MFam Med
Phone: 023 9222 1170
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Occupation: Forensic Medical Examiner

Dr David W R Lunt MFFLM DipFLM MBBCh MScBiochem MFam Med

Forensic Medical Examiner

Dr David Lunt is a highly qualified and vastly experienced medical doctor, Forensic Medical Examiner and Expert Witness who has given forensic expert evidence to courts at all levels. After 40 years of the clinical management of detained patients, he is well aware of the modern understanding of the pathological and clinical component of drug alcohol associated crime. The clinical assessment of this component during fitness to detain, interview and release should be routine.

Public and political pressure is growing for medical management of the medical associated component of crime and rehabilitation instead of punishment where possible. This is supported by PACE, all our medical controlling bodies and our very highly respected justice system.

This can all be achieved during a brief video consultation and a recommendation to the court can be made with full patient participation in the judicial process as they become highly motivated to change.

His specialist areas of expertise include:

  • Alcohol/drug related crime - defence
  • Road traffic offences - defence
  • All fields of Forensic Medicine Examinations including male suspects of rape.
  • Failure to provide breath specimens, blood or urine
  • High impact deceleration injuries indicated by deployed airbags
  • Impairment tests of executive function.
  • Impairment testing (DVLA Road Traffic Act)
  • Video evidence as real evidence against which the court can judge testimonial evidence.
  • Blood alcohol levels in road traffic offences
  • Duty to obtain and secure evidence
  • PACE compliance especially where medical conditions are present.
  • Over Prescribed Limit(OPL) drug driving offences
  • Sampling techniques for laboratory tests
  • Rape and laboratory evidence
  • Capacity, insight, autonomy required for informed consent to medical management
  • Assaults. Domestic Abuse. Child abuse. Stabbing. Gunshot wounds. Strangulation Choking. Non-accidental injury
  • Custodial medicine
  • Burns

Dr Lunt can take instructions on behalf of either claimant or defendant or as a Single Joint Expert. He fully accepts that his expert opinion is to the court and accepts the court decision in protecting society and rehabilitation to prevent re-offending.

Lists of presentations at relevant International Conferences and Publications are available on request.

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