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.Fusion Corporation R&D

.Fusion Corporation R&D

P.O. Box 6851
Phone: +44 (0)844 576 5330 /24hr: +44 (0)798 956 7005
Fax: +44 (0)844 576 5331
Occupation: The International Provider of Forensic Speech · Acoustics · Video · Image Analysis & Research



We are the forensic resource for expertise in Speech, Audio, Language, CCTV, Video, Telephone and Computer-based evidence. We have provided our forensic services to solicitors and professionals since the 1990s.

We can facilitate conversion and access to various kinds of evidential media whether it's a Tape Recording, Digitally Transmitted, Stored within a Mobile Device or held on Computer Disk. Our specialist services include:

 Voice, Speech & Audio - Identification, Enhancement, Authentication & Transcriptions
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• CCTV Video & Images - Enhancement, Mapping & Identification solutions
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 Telephones - Disputed Usage / SIM Card Examination / Call & Cell Site Analysis
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• Device Testing/Configuration - Telephones / Recorders / Audio & Video Equipment
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• Recording, Surveillance & Security Equipment - Discreet Appraisals and Installations
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Our services are accessible to all - Legal Aid/LSC, Insurance, and Private enquiries are welcome. Special Studies and Research Operations are also undertaken.

No matter the nature of your enquiry, our cases are treated with the highest confidence. Simply phone us on 0844 576 5330 (9am to 5.30pm, Mon to Fri) to discuss your requirements!

Alternatively, you can visit us and make your enquiry online anytime at:

or otherwise send us a fax on 0844 576 5331 (9am to 5.30pm, Mon to Fri).

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