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Institute offers advice on choosing an investigator

The Institute of Professional Investigators is the only ‘institute’ regulating those involved in the investigative industry, and as such offers advice to those wishing to engage the services of a private investigator.


So you want to be a private investigator?

The Institute of Professional Investigators has produced an advice booklet for people considering setting up as private investigators.

The booklet, Becoming a Private Investigator, begins with the premise that the reader has no background in the profession. It recommends that, in that case, the start point is to “seek training”.


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US parents use investigators’ methods to keep tabs on their kids

A story from the US on 29 April describes how parents are themselves turning ‘private investigator’ to keep track of their children, using the same devices and techniques that the professionals use.


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SIA plows on with licensing

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is proceeding with the option of licensing individual private investigation and precognition agents, with competency criteria, which will include specified training, according to the Association of British Investigators (ABI). It was the option favoured by a sizeable majority of those giving their views during consultation.


Data protection agency gets more teeth

In an article in Your Witness magazine in March, private investigator Peter Heims wrote scathingly of the effect of the Data Protection Act on the ability of creditors and tracing agents to track down debt evaders.

In the article Peter Heims wrote: “Recent changes in the law have severely restricted tracers’ access to legitimate sources for tracking down debtors. Tracing agents have been under pressure over the past few years, facing tighter controls over what they are allowed to do to find debtors. One of the biggest blows to the industry was the Data Protection Act 1998 or, as it is known by creditors and tracers alike, ‘the debtor’s charter’.”

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