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Expert Witness blog: 16/12/2011
by Chris Stokes (www.heritage-writer.co.uk)

Welcome to the first of the Your Expert Witness weekly blogs. With the ‘first significant snowfall’ of the winter predicted by the BBC for Friday night - although we have seen a few flurries here in the Pennines - and bearing in mind the chaos that a few centimetres of the white stuff can cause in parts of this country, ACAS, the arbitration and conciliation service, has issued guidance to companies on employee relations in the winter (www.acas.org.uk - click on Winter Warners). The guidance covers issues such as illness and wellbeing (including the indubitable truth that depressive illnesses and the like tend to be worse in winter and must be treated with tact, as many expert witnesses in the medical field will attest), as well as problems in getting to work in bad weather and the avalanche of holiday requests many firms experience.

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