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Lord Tebbit enjoying 'being on side of angels' in battle over legal aid cuts Former Tory minister known for tough approach believes cutting aid for children in medical negligence cases is 'going too far'



Sir-Norman-Tebbit-007Lord Tebbit, the former Conservative minister campaigning to preserve legal aid for children in medical negligence cases, has revealed that he enjoys being "on the side of the angels for once" in opposing cutbacks.

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Banning 'pocket money-priced alcohol' could save thousands of lives, say doctors

Your Expert Witness Andrew LansleyGroup of leading doctors and academics say there is an 'urgent need' to raise the price of cheap alcohol

Thousands of lives could be saved if cheap alcoholic drinks were made more expensive, medical experts said.
A group of leading doctors and academics urged the Government to bring in a minimum price for alcoholic beverages, saying that 'pocket money prices' should be a thing of the past.

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, 19 experts said there was an 'urgent need' to raise the price of cheap alcohol.

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WHO issues Europe measles warning

Your Expert Witness measlesMeasles is usually a mild illness - but can be fatal

European countries need to act now to tackle measles outbreaks, the World Health Organization warns.

The WHO report says there were over 26,000 measles cases in 36 European countries from January to October 2011.

Western European countries reported 83% of those cases, with 14,000 in France alone.

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Health and Council Chiefs pledge to reduce young people’s harmful drinking

Your Expert Witness Alcohol pledgeNorth West health and Council chiefs have pledged to reduce the harm caused by alcohol to children and young people, as new studies show alcohol continues to pose a risk to under-18s, with more than half getting drink from their parents.

A total of 16 Directors of Public Health from NHS and local government organisations across the region signed up to the North West Young People and Alcohol Programme in a ceremony in Manchester.

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Imperva says staff training is essential when medical records are concerned

Your Expert Witness Rob RachwaldCommenting on reports that healthcare and IT experts warned the US Congress earlier this month about security concerns surrounding the increasing use of EHRs (electronic health records), Imperva says that media reports and research points to a lack of understanding within healthcare organisations as to why EHRs need protecting.

According to Rob Rachwald, director of security with the data security specialist, recent research from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 64 per cent of staff working with EHR data were unaware of whether – or not – their firm had suffered a data breach within the last two years (

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