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Parliament, Legislation And Public Sector

Cameron veto could harm UK financial services influence

expertwitnessdavidcameronCommentators are warning David Cameron’s decision to block a new European treaty could backfire by reducing the UK’s influence on financial services matters within Europe.

Last week, leaders from 26 EU member states either signed up to or agreed to consult their parliaments on proposals to place fiscal limits on eurozone econ-omies. The move was intended to calm market fears about eurozone sovereign debts.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 March 2012 12:02


Committee questions celebrities, Ofcom and Press Complaints Commission

Expert Witness hughgrantThe Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions takes evidence from witnesses including Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan, Max Mosley, Ofcom and the Press Complaints Commission on Monday 5 December 2011.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 December 2011 11:45


Inquiry into the Provision and Uptake of Broadband Services in Scotland

A short, targeted inquiry by the Scottish Parliament’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee to identify the work required to significantly expand Scotland’s digital broadband infrastructure has its first session of oral evidence today.

The Committee wants to assess the coverage, availability and uptake of broadband across Scotland and to consider what work is required by the Scottish Government, infrastructure providers and others to increase the provision and uptake of broadband in Scotland.

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:21


UK bill of rights rejected by Scottish human rights body

Your Expert Witness Justice secretary KennethScottish Human Rights Commission says plan to replace Human Rights Act is ill-disguised attempt at weakening legislation

Proposals by the UK government for a new "bill of rights" have been rejected by the Scottish Human Rights Commission as regressive and unwelcome.

Professor Alan Miller, the commission's chair, said plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a bill of rights were an ill-disguised attack by UK ministers on civil liberties and an attempt to weaken existing legal protections for the vulnerable.

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:24


'Personhood' and the pro-lifers' long game

Your Expert Witness Personhood amendmentThe Mississippi amendment fell, but anti-choice groups are not done: they aim to alter the terms of debate on reproductive rights

Mississippi's personhood amendment, where anti-choicers tried to give fertilised eggs the same legal status as your average adult male, has thankfully failed. But while the short-term efforts to give single-cell citizens more rights than adult women may have faltered, pro-lifers aren't giving up. There will certainly be more state personhood amendments in the future, and now congressional Republicans want to take the plan national. So, despite the failure of the Mississippi bill, pro-choicers still need to be vigilant – not just about the law, but about the small cultural shifts that pro-lifers are pushing.

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:27