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Veterinary Forensic Entomology

by PETER BATES, Ph.D. MSB. C.Biol. FRES – Veterinary Entomologist

Forensic entomology is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the world to estimate the point of death (post-mortem interval or PMI) of a human corpse through the analysis of its invertebrate fauna. Forensic entomology can also be used to aid in the enforcment animal health regulations.

Under the Animal Welfare Act (2006) (updated 2007) it is an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal. Reasonable steps must be made to ensure that the animal’s needs are continually met, including protection against pain, injury, suffering and disease (including ectoparasite infestations). The welfare of farmed animals is additionally protected by the Welfare of Farm Animals (England) Regulations 2007, which allows for Codes of Recommendations for the welfare of animals to be produced.

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Textiles and Fraud

by JULIAN ELLIS OBE M.Phil C.Text FTI MRSC MAE, Chartered Textile Technologist

THE TWO TYPES of case described below indicate some of the wide range of cases that the textile technologist can deal with.

Counterfeit textiles are big business, because of the mark-up on some branded goods. When examining items in relation to counterfeiting prosecutions, the task is particularly difficult if there has been a delay between the seizure of the allegedly counterfeit goods by Trading Standards and the request for expert examination from the defence. The problem arises because countersamples from an impeccable source are much more difficult to obtain, as the season may have changed and identical goods are no longer available. Therefore examination must take place comparing similar goods.

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Hey that’s my land!

by CARL CALVERT of Calvert Consulting

“HEY, THAT’S ON MY LAND!” “No, it’s not: I am only replacing that old hedge with a proper fence.”

And so, with both parties believing that they are in the right a boundary dispute is about to take off.

Of course, the ingredients may be a little different but the circumstances tend to be very similar. In any event there is a belief by one party at least – the other may be just ‘pushing his or her luck’ – that the boundary is well defined, that the definition on the ground is in accord with what they bought and have occupied for many years and that either there is no contrary evidence, or if there is, then it is inferior to their own evidence.

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The chartered surveyor as an expert witness

by DEWI PRICE, Chartered Surveyor

UNTIL SOME 10 years ago it was common for Chartered Surveyors to arrive at a Court Hearing with very differing views. In matrimonial cases for example, one party would usually aim for a high valuation of the matrimonial home, and unsurprisingly the other (the buying) party would advocate a low valuation. Two valuers, with equally contrasting figures, usually put the Judge in some difficulty.

Since Lord Wolff’s report on ‘Access to Justice’ led to the Civil Procedure Rules, from 1999 the world has changed for expert witnesses who provide evidence on a wide range of matters and disciplines.

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