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When is the noise too much to bear?

NUISANCE might seem to be the natural legal territory for the acoustics expert.

The incidence of complaints continues to soar and local authorities are obliged to take intransigent cases to Magistrates’ Courts under the Environmental Pollution Act (EPA).


Assessing value: of property and evidence

Leasehold enfranchisement

One of the problems with the process of carrying out valuations for leasehold enfranchisement has been the difficulty of valuing ‘leasehold relativity’, which is the value of a dwelling held on an existing lease at any given unexpired term divided by the value of the same dwelling in possession to the freeholder, expressed as a percentage. The difficulty derives from assumptions which have to be made which create a hypothetical world in which the valuation is undertaken.

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Creating a real gem

IN THE world of jewellery the designer-maker is not a new phenomenon; custom design has been a part of the jewellery market for years, but it is only recently that designer-makers have become such a noteworthy part of the market. The designer-maker can offer unique designs which, in the age of mass-market consumerism, are very attractive to the customer.

The pleasure and challenge of including gems in a jewellery object (beyond the intrinsic beauty of the gem, of course) is to resolve the various factors that come into play.


Difficult doctors; sick doctors: behavioural forensics in clinician misconduct and malpractice

THE PUBLIC has probably complained about clinicians’ behaviour since the beginning of medicine, but malpractice litigation is an extreme and ineffective form of feedback as even successful suits do not require any change in the defendants’ behaviour.

Furthermore, the culture of clinical practice is defensive of the practitioner rather than the patient due to an outdated sense of privilege, particularly among physicians, which results in a form of professional narcissism and closing of ranks that can make things even more difficult for the plaintiff.

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Horses for courses: the equestrian expert

JENNIFER HAM’s equestrian experience has stood her in good stead in court since 1998, when she was first approached to compile an expert witness report in a case concerning a riding school accident. Here, she shares some of that experience.