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NHS reforms will lead to more litigation, warns expert

A partner in a leading firm specialising in health and education issues has warned local authority legal departments they face a “wave of legal difficulties” following the Government’s NHS reforms.

Ben Troke, a partner at Browne Jacobson, was addressing the annual weekend school of Solicitors in Local Government annual weekend school. He said that the Health and Social Care Act “…will mean more tension; more litigation; more ­disputes.

“In six to 12 months you’ll be stopped in shopping centres by eager young people with clipboards asking if you’ve been disappointed by a decision on care funding,” he said.

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LSHP Ltd opens new health centre in Liverpool

Your Expert Witness LSHPA new £6m Neighbourhood Health Centre in Anfield has just opened, becoming the latest new build as part of Liverpool PCT’s wider vision for a ‘New Health Service for Liverpool’.

Since 2007, millions of pounds have been invested in purpose-built or improved facilities across the city to make services available closer to people’s homes.

The new facility is situated on land formerly occupied by a primary school and opened its doors to the public in January. The development was delivered by Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnership, the NHS LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) for Liverpool and Sefton.

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PM vows to double dementia funding

granny 2161715cFunding for research into dementia is to be more than doubled by 2015 in a bid to make Britain a world leader in the field, David Cameron has announced.

The Prime Minister declared that tackling the "national crisis" posed by the disease is one of his personal priorities.
He said it is a "scandal" that the UK has not done more to address dementia, which is thought to affect 670,000 people although about 400,000 have not been diagnosed and do not know they have it. The cost to UK society is estimated at £23 billion.
Over the next 10 years, the number with the disease is expected to rise to one million.

Launching a "national challenge on dementia", Mr Cameron set out plans to step up research into cures and treatments and to ensure that the health and social care systems are equipped to deal with the problem.
Hospitals will be given an extra £54 million to assist the diagnosis of the disease. Overall funding for dementia research is to reach £66 million by 2015, from £26.6 million in 2010.

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Judge raises bar for mesothelioma compensation for elderly sufferers

expert witness asbestos fibresElderly victims of mesothelioma, the cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, could be entitled to much more substantial compensation following a landmark ruling on damages for pain and suffering.

In the High Court, on 10 February, Mrs Justice Swift awarded 92-year-old Dennis Ball £50,000 compensation for pain and suffering after he developed asbestos-related cancer following his work for the National Coal Board and British Coal Corporation, bringing his total compensation to £73,890.

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Q&A: PIP breast implants health scare


French breast implants have caused a health scare in Europe and South America due to a high risk of rupturing in the body.


The response has varied, notably between the UK and France.

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