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Cancer Research UK leads global lung cancer drug trial

Cancer Research UK scientists in Oxford are trialling an experimental drug to treat lung cancer patients who have stopped responding to initial chemotherapy treatment. The trial will take place at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust.

The international early Phase II trial led by a team based at the Oxford Cancer Research Centre will trial the experimental drug called LY2181308 with advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients who no longer respond to platinum chemotherapy - the standard initial treatment for this group.


Expert witness testimony proves professional misconduct for Vet

The Disciplinary Committee of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has directed that the name of a Grimsby veterinary surgeon should be removed from the RCVS Register.

Mr Joseph Lennox Holmes, of Waltham Veterinary Clinic, Grimsby, faced nine charges relating to two separate complaints, at a two- hearing which commenced in October and resumed in January 2011.


Quick brain scan could detect autism

A 15-minute brain scan could be used to test for autism, helping doctors diagnose the complex condition more quickly, cheaply and accurately. Declan Murphy, professor of psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London has developed the rapid test, with results proving more than 90 percent accurate in adults with similar results expects for children.


Influx of foreign-trained medics in UK can put patients' lives at risk: Experts

 The tide of foreign-trained medics in the United Kingdom could put patients' lives at risk because some may have poor English language skills, experts have warned.

The warning comes after a survey by the General Medical Council found that only 37 percent of the 240,000-strong medical register declared themselves as white British.

Separate figures revealed that over 88,000 of that number were trained abroad.


Artificial blood vessels keep in fridge until heart op

US scientists believe they can produce a ready made supply of blood vessels for use in heart bypass surgery.

A study on baboons and dogs in Science Translational Medicine suggests vessels could be stored for up to a year and used by any patient.

Blood-carrying tubes can already be grown from a patient's own cells, but this takes several months.

UK experts said the research was exciting.

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