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Forever Hounds Trust

For more than 20 years, Forever Hounds Trust has been a lifeline for dogs in need.

We work towards the day when every greyhound and lurcher is free from risk and fear.

Leaving us a gift in your Will ensures we continue to be there to help thousands more dogs who would otherwise face an uncertain future.

Gifts in Wills have already helped us find loving homes for over 9,000 dogs, helped us to provide essential vet care, ensure the sanctuary of kennel spaces, keep our vans on the road to rescue dogs in desperate situations, and provide expert behavioural support— all to give dogs a second chance in life. Our vital work to rescue, rehabilitate and home these beautiful dogs is only made possible through the generosity of people leaving us a gift in their Will. Remember Forever Hounds Trust in your Will and give more dogs a safe and happy future.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 03000 111 100 or visit their website

Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies

SWHP work tirelessly rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing severely neglected and abandoned horses and ponies. Jenny and the late Alasdair MacGregor have dedicated themselves for over 40 years to the cause and Jenny continues do so here at The MacGregor Horse Centre.

Once recovered, we aim to re-home our rescues enabling them to lead a full and purposeful life. This is administered through an adoption scheme allowing SWHP to remain the legal owner of the horse for its entire life. This involves finding a suitable adopter and inspecting them yearly whilst always being available to take any horse back, should the need arise. We current own 400 equines with around 330 in successful adoptive homes with the remainder either currently undergoing treatment or, of course those who sadly will never fully recover and remain at the centre for life.

The majority of our rescues require extensive and ongoing veterinary and farrier treatment which is very costly but also necessary to resolve the pain they have suffered, in some cases, from years of neglect.

We assist in the winter feeding and castration of feral and semi feral Welsh Mountain ponies and also take on orphaned foals from the mountains who are cared for in our intensive care unit by our dedicated and compassionate staff and volunteers.

We are fortunate enough to have some great fundraisers and volunteers who raise funds towards our running costs which are currently approximate £320,000 per annum. However due to the ever increasing abandonment and neglect of equines and subsequent need for rescue centres, like SWHP, to intervene, our costs continue to rise year on year. We rely exclusively on donations from individuals and charitable trusts.

All our donations go to the welfare of the most needy equines ensuring for the remainder of their natural lives, they experience the love and care they deserve, but were previously denied.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01600 750233 or visit

Friends of the Animals

Friends of the Animals have been improving the lives of animals for over 27 years - from Burnley to the Isle of Wight and from Norfolk to Wales.

Our aims are to:

  • Offer a subsidised Spaying and Neutering scheme.
  • To rehome animals that come into our care.
  • To support over 460 animals at a sanctuary in the Midlands.
  • To give educational talks on the care of pets
  • To offer support for members of the public in the care of their pets.

We have also:

  • Spayed / neutered more than 34,000 animals
  • Rehomed over 8,800 animals
  • And we provide veterinary treatment for almost 4,000 animals every year.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01983 522511 or visit their website

Pro Dogs Direct

Pro Dogs Direct became a registered Charity in 2006, although we had been part of the national charity Pro Dogs for about 10 years prior to that. When Pro Dogs closed it doors we decided to keep Pro Dogs re-homing going.

We felt there was a need for dogs to be re homed without going into kennels - and that is why we added Direct to our name.

Our charity's vision: whenever possible to home dogs DIRECTLY from home to home. Where that is not possible we use foster homes and occasionally kennels to get dogs to safety and out of difficult situations.

We will help any dogs and take on dogs involved in cruelty cases and the puppy farms' breeding dogs. We feel these dogs surely need to know what it is to be loved and happy. These dogs often need extra medical care and TLC after a traumatic time having never known a loving hand and home.

We re-home any breed of dog and we work with a network of other rescues to make sure the dogs get into the right homes.

Pro Dogs Direct is there for help and support throughout the dog's life.

Our aim is to place each dog in the best possible home and not on a first come first served basis.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 07766021465 or visit their website

Wild Futures

Your Legacy - The Gift of Life

Wild Futures rescues and offers sanctuary to monkeys who have suffered abuse and neglect. We are dedicated to protecting primates and habitats worldwide, which are endangered due to climate change, habitat destruction, and the bush-meat and pet trades. For some species, it is too late. The future of all that remains lies in our hands, so your legacy to Wild Futures is the gift of life and a future for primates and our wonderful planet.

Our holistic approach makes us unique; providing sanctuary to rescued monkeys, supporting projects overseas, campaigning for primate welfare, educating to protect primates worldwide and promoting a sustainability and ethical ethos. We receive no government funding, so the generosity of those that remember Wild Futures is essential to enable us to continue our work.

Your legacy can be the gift of a life worth living and a wild and safe future for all.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01503 262 532 or visit

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital are a specialist hospital, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all species of British wildlife using all available veterinary expertise.

Every year in Britain over five million wild animals and birds are injured as a direct result of their encounters with man's world. We care for sick and injured hedgehogs, badgers, wild birds, foxes, even reptiles and amphibians.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01844 292511 or visit

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Registered Charity No. 1002349

Don’t leave it to chance... leave it to LAST CHANCE

As animals can’t speak for themselves it falls to me to ask you to consider leaving a legacy to Last Chance Animal Rescue. Any money that we may receive will be spent entirely on the running and improvement at the Centre, which is dedicated to the rescuing, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs and cats etc.

Many of the number we receive have found their way to our door through circumstances such as their beloved owner passing away, may that door always be open.

Many are elderly, in their twilight years, and would just love to find a caring retirement home, something we have great success and pleasure in finding for them, and we continue to care for them, young and old, long after they are settled in their new loving homes, by offering all kinds of support, including financial if needed, for their continued welfare and well being.

As you can imagine this level of commitment doesn’t come cheaply, which is why I am appealing to you to remember Last Chance if possible, when you make your will. They do say where there’s a Will there’s a way!

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01732 865530 or visit their website 

The Seeing Dogs Alliance

Charity Number 1156790

Seeing Dogs has made steady progress since it started operations in 2001. It was launched, and is supported, mainly by guide dog owners who want a competitor charity, as is available to blind and partially sighted people in most developed countries. Our successful rearing/training programme continually includes several dogs either being puppy reared or receiving their Seeing Dog (our term for guide dog) training. Except for the highly skilled final training, we depend on volunteers, so that, with careful monetary control, it costs us about £15,000 to train each dog and owner, about a third of what would otherwise be expected.

Our clients are currently usually trained in their home environment, although our target is to have a dedicated training centre. When residential training has been required, we have used hotels. Puppies remain with the puppy rearers till they are 12-14 months old, during which time they are familiarised with all the circumstances they are likely to encounter as Seeing Dogs - crowded streets, heavy traffic, buses, trains, cars, cafés, restaurants, stairs (although not escalators), lifts, swing doors, etc. An allowance is available to cover the expenses of this very important pre-training work. We like our puppy rearers to take their charges to puppy training classes, however, which help with obedience training and socialisation with other dogs. We provide them with a reference manual, and visit them from time to time to check on the puppies’ progress. We are also always at the other end of a phone to give advice or to obtain it for them.

Currently, waiting lists for trained dogs are such that some clients wait months or longer to be trained with a dog. This is particularly serious for elderly people waiting for replacements. If they are without a dog for a period, they can lose the mobility needed to complete training when a dog becomes available. We urgently need funds to change this situation. With twenty owner and dog partnerships qualified, we have proved we produce trained dogs to the very high standard required, at a price well below the norm. Please help us.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01483 765556, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or visit their website at

The Horse Rescue Fund

Dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming of all needy Horses, Donkeys & Ponies.

The main aim of the Horse Rescue Fund is to alleviate the suffering of any ill-treated or neglected equines, bring them back to health and, if possible, back into work and then place them on loan in approved homes. We never sell our rescued horses but we do most firmly believe that they are much more content and happier leading a useful and fulfilled life, with individual care and attention in a private home, rather than just standing in retirement for the rest of their lives. We have more than 100 horses, ponies and donkeys out in adoptive homes, with more to follow in their footsteps at present under rehabilitation at Woodstock Farm.

Many of our horses have gone on to compete most successfully, in many disciplines both locally and nationally. Quite often spectators do not even realize that they are watching rescued horses who have had a very poor and often traumatic earlier life.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01502 679 191 or visit


The New European Distressed Donkey Initiative is a non-profit making company, limited by guarantee. Established in 1990 it offers care and safety to donkeys within Britain and Europe at risk from neglect, cruelty or mal-treatment.

When BRACKEN arrived she had to be carried from the lorry – her feet were so painful that she had been “walking” on her knees for months. NEDDI was able to provide veterinary help.

She was with us for 15 years, and had to continue with pain-killers all that time but she enjoyed a happy retirement and died at the very old age of 56. BRIDIE had had her hooves cut off with an electric saw, and they were deformed to the end, but with NEDDI’s help she lived a peaceful and comfortable life.

These are just a few of the donkeys we have cared for in the past and continue to care for at our sanctuary and nearly every story has a happy ending.

In the last few years we have also been helping working donkeys in Kenya with medicaments and free road-side clinics.

We are a comparatively small organisation and every little donation or legacy helps enormously.

For further information on donating to this organisation tel 01208 816640 or visit


We are a British based charity which raises funds worldwide for animal welfare organisations in Italy.

Throughout the years we have expressed our passion, determination and commitment in different operational areas and in the year ahead, we will be supporting over 30 Projects across Italy through:

  • Continued financial support of local/regional shelters
  • Outreach spay and neuter programmes and emergency field work
  • Provision of medicines, veterinary supplies, surgical equipment and rescue vehicles
  • Training for animal welfare professionals and volunteers
  • Educational programmes and awareness raising campaigns in schools
  • Environmental conservation projects for the benefit of birds and wild fauna

None of what we do could be done without your support. Your support tells us you care about our work and about the animals we love and protect.

AISPA - Working in Italy providing care and protection for thousands of animals

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01743 232 559 or visit

Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust (GHDT) was founded in 2002. With no tradition of horsemanship in The Gambia and a combination of poor management, high disease risk and poverty, farmers were investing comparatively large amounts of money for a working animal only for it to die, too often within six months. Not only was this causing further hardship for the farmers, it was also creating a serious animal welfare problem and the veterinary services did not have the infrastructure or finances to be able to help the farmers.

The aim of the GHDT is to reduce rural poverty in The Gambia through improving the health, welfare and productivity of working animals.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01306 627568 or visit

Sussex Wildlife Trust

We are a conservation charity for everyone who cares about nature in Sussex. We focus on protecting the wonderfully rich natural life that is found across our towns, countryside and coast.

By working alongside local people we create opportunities for us all to connect with nature, and for nature to thrive in even the most unlikely places. Together we can make sure that future generations living in Sussex will be able to enjoy the sense of wonder and well-being that nature offers.

Together we can make Sussex life richer.

One-off donations are hugely important and help us to undertake essential work to save vulnerable local species, protect special Sussex landscapes, speak out on major environmental issues affecting Sussex and inspire the next generation to love nature.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01273 492 630 or visit

Three Counties Dog Rescue (Reg.Charity 1170606)

Our mission is to accept, care for and find homes for unwanted, lost and stray dogs.

Three Counties Dog Rescue has successfully re-homed over 6500 dogs and cats since its formation in 1971. All our animals are neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped before re-homing.

Before re-homing takes place we ensure that the dog or cat will be kept in suitable conditions.

We are trying to raise £500,000 to buy the kennels we use and associated house to ensure the long term sustainability of Three Counties. In addition we have to raise £200,000 every year to cover the kennel and veterinary fees. We have a non destruction policy and never put down a healthy dog. However this means that we can incur large veterinary costs to maintain a dog's health while they await a new permanent home. As part of our non-destruction policy some elderly animals are kept in long term foster homes.

The Rescue is run entirely by voluntary and unpaid helpers and every penny raised goes directly to improving the lives of our dogs and cats.

The Rescue costs are only kennelling and veterinary fees, with a small amount on advertising. None of the money raised goes on administration or salaries.

Other costs including travel, transport, telephone and website are met by our volunteers.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01778 440318 or visit

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary is a animal rescue charity (reg. no 800211) who currently care for around 500 animals who have been rescued from abuse, abandonment and neglect. The sanctuary is based in Brentwood, Essex.

Hopefield cares for a variety of animals including seventy five horses and donkeys, cattle, pigs, rabbits and smaller animals, reptiles, birds and even some exotic animals such as tanuki and a skunk.

As a small charity Hopefield can only continue to perform the work it does because of the support by donors, supporters and volunteers.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01277 201110 or visit either

British Chelonia Group

The BCG has been a Registered Charity for over 30 years, having grown from a small group of enthusiasts to become the leading charity in the UK promoting the care and conservation of chelonia. They have raised over a quarter of a million pounds for their appeals, supporting conservation projects and zoo initiatives all over the world, and have a worldwide membership.

They hold two symposia each year in different parts of the country, giving members and non-members alike the opportunity to listen to and meet experts such as vets, conservationists, zookeepers and experienced hobbyists.

The BCG have a network of regional groups holding regular meetings with talks and health checks for tortoises and terrapins. They produce free care sheets, bi-monthly newsletters and an annual journal for members. They also have re-homing and 'lost and found' services. All this is organised entirely by volunteers.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01223 262783 or visit

CIO 1156995

Swan Lifeline

Swan Lifeline is the oldest registered charity devoted entirely to the care of sick and injured swans. Originally operating from private homes, in 1992 Eton College granted us a lease on Cuckoo Weir Island. There we have a rescue HQ and treatment centre with veterinary quality ICU, treatment room, specialist bird bath and staff accommodation. Outside we have covered ponds and pens and if necessary can care for 180 swans.

The whole site has recently been renovated and work is continuing to resurface the ponds. Over the years our trained staff have rescued, treated and re-habilitated many thousands of swans and returned them to the wild.

Our work is possible only through donations, legacies and support from the general public our sponsors trustees and volunteers.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01753 859397 or visit


Environmental Investigation Agency

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an independent campaigning organisation committed to bringing about change that protects the natural world from environmental crime and abuse.

Our vision is a future where humanity respects, protects and celebrates the natural world for the benefit of all.

Our undercover investigations expose wildlife crime and highlight the most pressing threats to our natural world. Our investigators often work in dangerous situations, infiltrating criminal organisations and collecting evidence. This evidence is used to produce reports and films which help prosecute environmental criminals, highlight issues to both high-level decision makers and the public and change laws around the world.

Our findings are combined with scientific documentation and representation at international conventions, creating the hard-hitting campaigns which have earned us a global reputation.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 0207 354 7960 or visit



Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats

Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats is a sanctuary in Kent who care for abused, neglected and needy goats. They are the only registered charity in the UK who care solely for the welfare of goats.

They rescue abandoned, abused and neglected goats and also help animals simply in need of a new home whose owners can no longer care for them or who have been left alone after the death of companion goats. They also help improve the knowledge and education about goat welfare nationwide.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01622 746420 or visit