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Kidney Kids Scotland

Helping children with renal illness and their families

Supporting hospitals over Scotland supplying them with much needed equipment and funding for posts recognised as being essential

Tel: 01324 555843

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Mothers' Union

The Mothers’ Union was established in 1876. Its purpose was to encourage parents in caring for their children, not just physically and mentally but also spiritually. From the outset it recognised that strong relationships and the role of family, however defined, are crucial in building healthy communities.

Our vision

Whilst the ways in which we operate to fulfil that need may be different from that of the world of the 19th century, our vision today is still of a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful, and flourishing relationships. This is the essence of our work.

Our mission

We aim to show our Christian faith by the transformation of communities worldwide. We can do this through the promotion of stable marriage, family life and the protection of children. This is our mission. It is what we aim to achieve.

Our values

There are more than four million members of Mothers’ Union today in 83 countries around the world. Each member subscribes to the same values; the moral and ethical codes that are central to the ways in which we operate.

Firstly, we are firmly rooted in a voluntary ethos centred on mutual respect and collaboration.

Secondly, our governance, leadership, and programmes are driven by and undertaken through members within their own communities worldwide.

Thirdly, we work with people of all faiths and none.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 020 7222 5533 or visit their website at

Camphill Foundation UK

Camphill Foundation provides much-needed financial support to projects which greatly enhance the quality of life of adults, children and young people with learning disabilities. Camphill communities throughout the UK and Ireland offer safe and supportive environments in a variety of semi-rural and urban settings where individuals can feel at home and develop their personal abilities and interests. There is also a strong sense of belonging to a diverse but cohesive intentional community and supported living network. Work opportunities abound, giving a real sense of meaning, purpose and achievement, which is essential for a person’s well-being.

Camphill Foundation supports development projects such as the building of new accommodation, establishing new workshops and facilities, developing agricultural and horticultural activities, providing new equipment, and various educational, training, cultural and social initiatives. Support is often in the form of grants to help projects get started and loans at a low rate of interest, usually over several years.

Supporting Camphill Foundation means also fostering a new understanding and recognition of people with disabilities and enabling them to develop and make use of their astonishing talents and skills as fully engaged, talented and co-responsible members of the community carrying out important and meaningful work which is both fulfilling for them and of great value to others.


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BASPCAN - The Association of England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales for Child Protection

As we now know, abuse and neglect can have a devastating impact on the developing child. Tragically for some children the consequences of abuse are fatal, but for many more, it is likely to result in short term trauma, as well as very long-lasting consequences, which impact on their physical and mental health.

For nearly 35 years BASPCAN has quietly work away behind the scenes, helping challenge the myths and misunderstandings so often associated with this highly emotive area of work. Through the sharing of knowledge gleaned from research, findings of enquiries and from examples of best practice, this small inter-professional network grew and today BASPCAN is unique in its position as the only multi-disciplinary professional membership association (with charitable status) of its kind.

Through programmes of cost effective training and the publication of our peer-reviewed journal ‘Child Abuse Review’, we attempt to explore research, policy and practice, enabling practitioners to develop the quality and effectiveness of their work with children, families and communities. Thanks to donations from the public and industry, BASPCAN has been able to administer an annual Research Award Programme to support the innovative work of our members.

All donations and legacies, however small, assist us to fulfil our objectives and support our work in safeguarding children and young people.

If you can consider making a legacy to BASPCAN in your will, your solicitor will be able to advise on this.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01904 613 605 or visit their website at

Action for Sick Children

Action for Sick Children's mission is to ensure that healthcare in the UK meets the unique needs of all children and young people and their families. With over 50 years’ experience, they campaign on all aspects of healthcare, whether in hospital in the community or at home and from national policies to individual family cases. 

Action for Sick Children believe that family focused environments, as well as excellent medical services, are critical to aiding recovery. Action for Sick Children provides leadership at local and national levels. They harness the experience and expertise of children, parents and their families as well as healthcare professionals. They define standards in child healthcare and lobby to implement these standards.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 0161 486 6788 or visit their website at

Siloam Christian Ministries

Active in India saving eye sight by treating glaucoma and poor folk with cataracts. 

Through Siloam you can also sponsor children’s education in India, Kenya and Vietnam. Our children’s character development programme in Kenya, Uganda and India help teach Christian character traits to youngsters in home work clubs. 

Siloam helps independent missionaries and indigenous projects that don’t attract the attention as the larger charities. Siloam is satisfied in knowing that the projects it supports overseas comply with all the accounting criteria demanded by the UK Charity Commissioners. Inspections are carried out on a regular basis to overseas projects and fundraising material, gathered to share with sponsors and donors in the UK. 

At the present time Siloam is sponsoring more than 40 different projects overseas for which your financial help and prayer support are eagerly sought. Affiliated with Childcare Worldwide.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 08000 27 79 17 or visit their websites and


ZANE: Zimbabwe A National Emergency provides aid and comfort to destitute people in Zimbabwe. Its main focus is supporting elderly people; those who lost their pensions and savings when the Zimbabwean economy collapsed and are now entirely dependent on charity to survive.

ZANE provides aid to around 1,800 destitute elderly people, including over 600 war veterans and their widows. It assists with rent, medical bills and food. However, there is also a desperate need to support children and young people, particularly in helping them gain an education so one day when the situation in Zimbabwe improves, they will be able to work and help re-build the country.

ZANE funds a clubfoot correction programme and to-date has treated over 2,600 children – enabling them to walk and live a life free from disability. ZANE also runs creative therapy projects to help women and their families who have been victims of political violence, abuse, and extreme poverty. ZANE also funds education projects including pop-up classrooms in high density townships.

ZANE provides aid, comfort and support to the most destitute people in Zimbabwe. It receives no statutory funding and relies entirely on voluntary donations. More information is available at

World Medical Fund

When children in the remote villages of sub-Saharan Africa are ill or in pain, they have no hope of seeing a doctor or nurse. Poverty exacerbates the issues caused by a lack of transport and infrastructure - together, these problems deny children access to proper medical care.

The children we focus on live in villages with no motorised transport, at least 24 kilometres from the nearest tarmac roads and more than 40 kilometres from any medical facilities. Even if a sick child is able to make the journey to a public hospital, there often aren’t enough qualified staff and the pharmacy shelves are usually empty. While the private and mission hospitals in Malawi offer qualified treatment and medicine, all of this must be paid for - and the costs are beyond the means of the poor.

We have worked in Malawi since 1998, initially caring for AIDS orphans and were horrified to discover the level of morbidity and mortality suffered by the young in the rural areas. We came up with a simple solution, a Children's Mobile Clinic. A rugged 4 x 4 carrying a clinical team and medicines. Visiting village sites on a monthly basis we treat over 30,000 cases of sick children every year, saving many, many young lives.

Some of the children we see require minor surgery so we set up a Mobile Surgical Unit, an operating theatre on wheels converted from an ex Army 10 ton truck, to perform minor surgery deep in the African bush. See the Ken Howard film on our work. Some of the children we see are innocent victims of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, infected at birth by their HIV positive mothers. We have set up an antiretroviral therapy programme for them named Thandizo (Helping in Chichewa) that is producing amazing results and has been certified as a Centre of Excellence.

We receive no governmental funding, rely entirely on donations and operate with minimal administrative costs (less than 4%).

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01553 617 166 or visit their website at

Child Aid

Child Aid was formed in 2000, by a small group of people who accidentally became involved in the problems many rural villages experience in Southern India. It was a story of one person sponsoring a few children from a charity based outside of the UK, on the understanding that he visited those children. Which he did, following that visit, it almost became mandatory to start a similar charity to help, based in the UK. Now Child Aid is a very active charity involved in a wide range of activities in Southern India.

It has funded the education of children in six villages in rural Tamil Nadu, it has built a five classroom primary school. It has changed the lives of three other villages providing toilets in those villages - a luxury no rural village ever had. Then the Tsunami came and Child Aid was on the spot only a few weeks after – a story on it own. It has worked to supporting a children’s home for girls who had no parents and is shortly to build a childrens home of its own from land donated by a supportive Indian businessman.

It is easy to say, but it is true, every sponsorship `penny, ever cent` from individual sponsors goes to helping the child or children sponsored. None of the individual sponsor’s hard earned donation goes to administration. This to date has been down to the Trustees and a number of individual supporters and corporates who like the various projects being undertaken by Child Aid and have supported Child Aid itself.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01932 588860 or visit their website at

Molly Olly's Wishes

Molly Olly’s Wishes supports children with life threatening or life limiting illnesses and their families throughout the U.K. We do this through a wishes programme that funds additional help beyond that given by the NHS, discussing the individuals needs with the relevant health professionals.

The help may be in the form of equipment, it may be an alternative therapy treatment to compliment traditional medicine or even organising a special occasion for a child that would otherwise be isolated from everyday possibilities due to the restrictions of their illness. They often find visits to hospitals and clinics tedious as they are without home comforts and are confined to beds or wards. Therefore we hope to provide funds to ensure they get the right kind of support and provide equipment or suitable entertainment to give them a happier time during their stay.

We also distribute our Olly The Brave packs. Olly The Brave is a toy lion with a removable mane and a central line attached to his chest. The toy comes with a story book of Olly and how he and those close to him come to terms with his illness and the procedure of having a line put in. The lion’s mane is detachable to help children come to terms with the hair loss that may result from the treatments they undergo. We donate these packs to over 20 hospitals throughout the U.K who in turn give them out to the children in their care.

In essence, we are there to help make the dark days a little brighter for these children and their families. If you wish to learn more about those we help and how we help them, or wish to donate, please go to

Thank you.

Team Molly Olly x

Parenting Together Ltd

Family Mediation and Children’s Rights Advocates

For fifteen years I challenged anyone and everyone showing less than absolute kindness to the emotionally damaged and abused children in my care.

The most rewarding job in the world without a doubt but gradually their sadness overwhelmed me, I cried almost every journey home from work and I could not bear to read another childs traumatic care history wondering if I could ever make that child laugh again or convince them to trust another human being.

Parenting Together is my given vow to defend the Rights and emotional health of children deprived the love and protection of both parents.

Gerry Hannah, founder of PARTOG

"Thank you for submitting evidence to the Human Rights (Joint Committee) Committee. I am pleased to inform you that your submission has been published ( 19/02/15 Report on Domestic Violence and Abuse of Women and Girls)

"... it is more than a good cause; it works" (NSPCC Business Chair, 2015)

"(The Home Secretary) would very much like to receive further information on your research and, indeed, your findings" (Nov. 2014)

“About 90% of all MPs agree with you and support what you are trying to achieve here” (Mike Penning MP, March 2015)

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01677 451 836 or visit their website at



Their Future Today

Their Future Today isn't just making a child's life better, it is giving a child a life.

We are proactively changing the lives of our worlds' most vulnerable children existing alone in desperate conditions in Institutions in Sri Lanka. Whether it is providing another pair of hands to feed a hungry baby, a cleaner healthier environment, nutritious food, medical supplies or clothing, or reuniting an abandoned child whose family have had to take desperate measures to keep their child alive, or giving a child the key to education we are committed to giving these children a more positive future. 

Feel assured that our dedicated team both here and in Sri Lanka will be making your donations work hard, we can even give you receipts detailing how your money is spent. 

We believe in total transparancy and you can feel assured your contribution will directly make a significant impact on these childrens' lives.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01932 770347 or visit their website at