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Mustard Seed Project

A small UK registered charity working in Africa in Mgongeni an urban slum area of Mombasa, Kenya. We help people out of poverty by giving them the confidence, education and skills to solve their own problems.

We are building a school which when completed will have 300 children aged 3 – 14 years in classes of around 25. We currently have 275 poor children in 11 classes. Half the school are in a rented building and the other half are in the school which is under construction. Without our support those who grew to healthy adulthood would end up with the hand to mouth existence of their parents.

The ground floor of our new school is almost complete and includes the bore hole, septic tank and soak-away to feed the classrooms, toilet block, kitchen, clinic and offices. We still need a second floor if we are to house all the children here and make the project sustainable for the future. This will currently cost around £120,000.

But this is just the building. What goes on inside is what makes the difference. We provide quality education to enable all to reach their full potential. All but our special needs children are meeting or exceeding government expectations. This is partly due to our feeding programme and clinic which keep our children healthy and happy and able to take advantage of the excellent teaching they are receiving. Education does not of course just exist in the classroom. This year, 2017, a group of our children came second in a large national music competition having come first in all the regional heats for their choral speaking. The children did brilliantly of course, but we must not forget the committed, hard-working staff who helped the children to achieve this

Our second project involves support of adults and youth. We offer basic literacy and numeracy for those who missed out when they were young and provide business training for women to help them set up their own small businesses including providing them with loans. We currently have a project aimed at providing skills for work for the unemployed youth in Mombasa, 80% of whom have no permanent employment! This includes local businesses, the university and colleges. The youth in the community are in addition supported through sport especially boxing and football.

A gift in your will would allow further construction to take place and ensure education for this poor community in the future. It would also ensure sustainability and would contribute towards secondary education and higher education for those who are successful in their primary school exams.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01778 341855 or visit our website at www.mustardseedproject.co.uk