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Overseas Aid

ZANE: Zimbabwe A National Emergency

ZANE provides aid and comfort to destitute people in Zimbabwe. Its main focus is supporting elderly people; those who lost their pensions and savings when the Zimbabwean economy collapsed and are now entirely dependent on charity to survive.

ZANE provides aid to around 1,800 destitute elderly people, including over 600 war veterans and their widows. It assists with rent, medical bills and food. However, there is also a desperate need to support children and young people, particularly in helping them gain an education so one day when the situation in Zimbabwe improves, they will be able to work and help re-build the country.

ZANE funds a clubfoot correction programme and to-date has treated over 3,800 children – enabling them to walk and live a life free from disability. ZANE also runs creative therapy projects to help women and their families who have been victims of political violence, abuse, and extreme poverty. ZANE also funds education projects including pop-up classrooms in high density townships.

ZANE provides aid, comfort and support to the most destitute people in Zimbabwe. More information is available at www.zane.uk.com

Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation. We work with the world's poorest and most vulnerable people to transform their lives. A world without hunger. That's our mission. And it's well underway, thanks to our sustainable solutions to hunger – and people like you. Today 200 million fewer people are hungry than 25 years ago. But now we need to finish the job.

A gift in your Will could mean that, when the day without hunger arrives, you'll be there. You'll provide farmers with training, seeds and tools to grow more. You'll provide livestock, water pumps, and weather resistant crops to help communities develop resilience to climate change. You'll help families build livelihoods so they can become self-sufficient. You'll be there alongside our hunger experts as they continue the work you've started.

Let's commit to finishing the job – child by child, community by community, and country by country. Because we've come too far to leave a world without hunger to chance.

To request our information guide on how your gift can help us end hunger, please call 0800 032 4001 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mothers' Union

Mothers’ Union is a movement of over 4 million members who won’t stand to see families suffer. In 84 countries their Christian faith inspires them to serve their communities, helping people of all faiths and none.

Together we change the lives of over 650,000 people each year; and because we work in the heart of every community the impact lasts a lifetime.

Leaving a Legacy to Mothers’ Union means helping to ensure that no family has to struggle to get from one day to the next. Families will get the support they need, long into the future – through projects such as parenting programmes, literacy circles, family centres in prisons and much more. Leaving a Legacy of any size is a lovely way to make a lasting contribution to family life, all over the world.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 020 7222 5533 or visit their website at www.themothersunion.org

Siloam Christian Ministries

Through Siloam you could sponsor a child’s education in Kenya or Vietnam. Or, you could help rescue an abandoned baby at the Rehoboth Children’s Centre in the Philippines until they are able to join a ‘forever family.’

In Kenya, Siloam provides financial assistance to the Lambwe Christian School for the Deaf as well as two children’s homes and a residential high school run by Blessed Generation who care for children in need of a home following a family breakdown or abandonment.

In Pakistan, Siloam supports co-workers working in the brick kilns where many Christians are bonded labourers. They can help a Pakistani young lady become financially self-sufficient by providing a sewing machine and training.

Siloam empowers indigenous churches to arrange children’s Bible camps in Eastern Europe, Portugal and Peru for disadvantaged children.

At Christmas time, Siloam dispenses food parcels for desperately poor pensioners and impoverished families in Bulgaria, the Ukraine and Portugal through local churches.

Siloam helps overseas projects that don’t necessarily attract the attention of the larger Charities. The Trustees are satisfied in knowing that the projects Siloam partners with overseas comply with all the accounting criteria demanded by the UK Charity Commissioners. Child protection policies and practices are also regularly reviewed and inspections are carried out on a regular basis to overseas projects to gain material to be shared with supporters in the UK.

Presently, Siloam is sponsoring more than 30 projects overseas for which your financial help and prayer support are equally sought to help them do much, much more!

For further information on donating to this Charity, please telephone 08000-27-79-17 or visit their website www.siloam.org.uk


CLEFT was established in 2007 by patients, parents, grandparents and surgeons from the North Thames Cleft Centre based at Great Ormond St Hospital for Children and the St Andrew’s Centre, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford.

Its aims were:

  1. To fund research into the causes and treatment of cleft lip and palate and related conditions
  2. To support cleft teams in several less developed countries

The strap line is “Bridging the Gap”. We aim to help bridge:

  1. The physical gap in the lip and palate – by supporting surgery
  2. The gaps in knowledge – by helping to enable research
  3. The gaps between the care available in the UK and low income countries – by supporting teams in several poorer countries with equipment and training

More information can be found on the CLEFT website – www.cleft.org.uk.

Hope Health Action

Since 2007, HHA has been providing life-saving healthcare to the world’s most vulnerable. Working predominantly in Haiti but also now with refugees in East Africa, we bring transformation to communities where even the most basic healthcare has been unavailable.

Establishing one of the leading hospitals in North Haiti, we specialise in community healthcare, maternity, paediatric, neo-natal care and rehabilitation services for adults and children. We have also been front line responders to several natural disasters such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Working alongside Government institutions and grass root partners alike, we seek to empower a sustainable, inclusive and accessible health service, driven by local vision and staff. We are a Christian charity with a heart of compassion and a desire for justice. We choose to stand in the gap for the innocent and vulnerable as Jesus did, offering health care without any form of regional, religious, or economical discrimination.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 0208 462 5256 or visit www.hopehealthaction.org.